Pepe Carlos (BenCa Brothers)

José Pepe Carlos was born In the state of Oaxaca of Zapotec descent.  his very first introduction to music was thru his grandfather who was part of the filarmónic  Brass band  in their small town in the Sierra Juarez. At the age of six years old his family migrated to California and at the age of 11 he began his first guitar studies followed by the accordion.  Playing music in Los Ángeles taught him to be a versatile musician, with influences of rock, hip hop and Latin American rhythms which has taken Pepe Carlos to win an American Grammy and receive 4 Grammy nominations with his band La Santa Cecilia.  He has been a part of several soundtracks as Cry Macho, Book of Life, Coco, Cantinflas, and Netflix series including Maya and the Three, 3 Muertes de Marisela Escobedo, ingobernable,
Recorded on Latin Pop artists albums  as Alejandro Saenz, Gaby Moreno, Vega, Eugenia Leon, country artist Ryan Bingham, American Vocal group Pentatonix,

HOHNER endorsed artist.